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Stories from Landin  (in English)

Here anecdotes from the village life, stories from earlier days and reports from residents and friends of Landin are gradually published.

If you want to contribute your own story, please get in touch with the Association. We look forward to new contributions!

You can find the stories in German here:  Geschichten aus Landin.


A tea hour with Romy Reschke in Landin


Romy Reschke, 9 years old

Romy Reschke was born on January 14th, 1963 in the Berlin Charité. Her father, Waldemar Reschke, was a teacher and later an officer in the National People's Army (NVA) of the GDR. Her mother, Leonide Reschke, née Wiedmaier, worked in the administration of the Berlin-Mitte district. Romy Reschke grew up with three siblings, Renate, Ralf (born in Päwesin) and Ronald (born in Johanngeorgenstadt). The father's profession as an officer was associated with frequent changes of residence.

From 1969 to 1978 she attended the polytechnic high school "Friedrich Wolf" in Berlin-Mitte on Bergstrasse and after the 10th grade began training as an advertising clerk at the German advertising agency in Berlin (DEWAG). She worked at DEWAG until 1990. Romy Reschke married toolmaker Christian Reschke, née Triebel, on June 30, 1988 in Vitte on Hiddensee. The daughter Charlotte Dorothea was born on November 10th, 1988 and the daughter Luise Anne-Marie on January 4th, 1990 in Berlin. After 1990 she worked in ABM and other short term employment schemes. It was not until 2007 that she was able to take over a tea shop in the A-10 Center in Wildau from her sister Renate, where she and her husband worked together.

Tea shop on the A-10 in Wildau

Romy Reschke's grandparents, Johann and Dorothea Wiedmaier, née Bossert, came from near Strasbourg in Bessarabia and were resettled by the Nazis to Poland, where they had to flee again in 1945 and came to Landin. There they built a settlement house at Steinstrasse 3 and became new settlers. A grandparents' son, Arthur Wiedmaier, lived with his wife Christel in Steinstrasse. 3 in Landin and Christel Wiedmaier was also the mayor of Landin from time to time. The two uncles Hugo and Fritz Wiedmaier and two aunts Anna and Paulina went to the West in 1957. Fritz Wiedmaier settled in Vaihingen an der Enz in Baden-Württemberg and came to East Berlin once a year and visited Landin with Romy. Romy always felt at home in Landin. In 1991 Romy Reschke came to Landin with her husband and cleaned up the property at Steinstrasse 3 and bought the property in 1992.

The repair of the old settlement house, however, was so expansive, that Romy and Christian Reschke decided to build a prefabricated house on the property. And so in 2015 the family moved into a SFBC house with an energy-saving effect.

Settlement house Steinstr. 3

Danish prefabricated house

Romy and Christian Reschke on the bench in front of their house in Landin

The heating is operated by an air heat pump. Romy and Christian Reschke quickly integrated into the village community. At the Landiner village festivals, they play games with the children and invite the village children to Steinstrasse 3 to celebrate with them. Christian Reschke is now retired, but the tea shop in Wildau is still running at full speed with two employees and Romy has her hands full fulfilling the wishes of her tea customers. But when she is free and in Landin, she says to her husband: "I think this is how happiness feels."

The Reschke family feels very comfortable in the new house with the wide view over the field into the village and the former castle park of Landin.

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